Gas Station Horror has been featured as a Top Pick in Time Out NY, Horror Society, the skint, Hy Reviews, and many more great publications!


“I love this show. It combines the schlocky acting and student-film grade production of B-movie horror flicks with sharp, witty improv. And they hold raffles throughout the show. You have to love that.” – Keith Huang, Former Artist Director at the Peoples Improv Theater

“Someone once told me the job of the improviser is to both enchant and horrify. Gas Station horror accomplishes both to terrific effect. I loved it.” – Philip Markle, NY Director of Education, The Annoyance

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“You don’t have to be a hardcore horror fan to enjoy this show and if you are one, you will have the time of your life. The talented improvisers clearly love what they’re doing and their enthusiasm spreads through the audience like a rage virus. Also: free candy. Go!” – Erin K. Coughlin, horror author

“Madcap as f!ck.” – Kevin Laibson, PIT Artistic Director


“Gas Station Horror is a tremendous time for both comedy and horror fans alike. It’s very clear how much fun all of the performers are having, and the love that they have towards the genre. So much effort is put into the atmosphere, with things like glow sticks, candy, and raffles going on, that it’s hard to not get infected (like a zombie) with the energy that’s bouncing around the theater.” – Daniel Kurland, Splitsider

“One of the most fun shows at The PIT.” – Mark Stetson, host of the PITcast